Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug, Funny Cup with Middle Finger on the Bottom



  • A HILARIOUS SURPRISE From the side, this coffee mug sends a cheerful message, but from the bottom it shows how you really feel!
  • EASY TO SIP FROM Perfectly shaped handle and curved rim allow you to keep hold of the mug and sip with ease
  • MADE TO LAST the message is printed onto the ceramic materials, so they will not rub or flake off like stickers, and the Bottom image is three-dimensional to give it a real image feel.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED Holds 14 ounces of coffee, tea or cocoa
  • CONVENIENT FOR YOUR COFFEE BREAK You can pop the mug into the microwave to heat up a drink and put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup





A Hilarious Surprise!

Let this coffee mug tell the world how you really feel.

From the side, the Decodyne Have a Nice Day Novelty Coffee Mug tells everyone to “Have a Nice Day,”

When you put the mug to your lips, the bottom sends a different message loud and clear.


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